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revealing a beautiful国产在线乱子伦一区二区

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revealing a beautiful国产在线乱子伦一区二区

Three days had now passed since I had met Callum. Three days ago I’d got to know him a bit; went round his house; played Xbox with him.. oh yeah and had his mouth wrapped around my dick. In all honesty he was all I could think about from the very second I walked out his front door; nothing else really interested me. For this reason I guess it was a bit strange that we were yet to meet up in college and just hang out together during a free period like, it’s as if we were both a bit too shy. I didn’t care too much though because after all we were both closet bisexuals and wouldn’t want anyone to get suspicious, not that they ever would. We were texting each other like crazy as soon as we were both home from college as well; taking turns to give each other cute good morning messages and all that adorable stuff. Obviously I’d savour these messages for a few minutes before deleting our conversations when I left home in the mornings, as people loved being nosey and invading my phone to see who I was talking to. Callum did the same. We’d only known each other 3 days but he honestly felt like a close friend of mine already, which is kinda normal when you start talking to someone for the first time I guess; with all the excitement of someone new coming into your life.Anyway we’d planned to go town tonight after college to watch either 22 Jump Street or Godzilla. We had to keep our plans secret though as we’d both been asked to do stuff with our separate groups of friends.. after all it was a Friday night. Callum told his mates he had family coming round so wasn’t allowed out, and I told mine the same. “Imagine if someone sees us man, that’s gonna be so awkward” Callum said as he sat in my living room adjusting the laces on his black Nike Huaraches. I’d already told him about 20 times how fucking disgusting these shoes were but he insisted that they were nice; I just laughed at him. He looked gorgeous as ever though, wearing an open black Adidas tracksuit jacket with a plain white tee underneath; eyes still glistening and his hair pushed back like normal. It was 8:30pm and pretty dark outside, the perfect time to start walking to town as the movie started at 9: I only lived about 15 minutes walk from the centre. “They won’t, anyway if they do I’ll just pretend I don’t know you” I replied jokingly whilst picking up my keys and opening the front door laughing as he looked up at me squinting his eyes and smiling as if to say ‘yeah good one’. To be honest I didn’t have a clue what we’d do if we got recognised but didn’t really give a shit, I was too excited to spend some time with my boy.As Callum got up to leave with me we were both a little startled by a loud shout of “JAMES!” from upstairs. It was my mum. I’d almost forgot she was in the house after seeing Callum arrive about 5 minutes ago, it’s lucky we didn’t kiss each other or anything as she might’ve heard what was going on. “YEAAAH” I shouted back to see her walking down the stairs towards us. She had her hair in rollers and looked like she had make-up on. It didn’t take me long to put the pieces to the puzzle together, and was praying she’d say what I thought she would.Giving a brief look at Callum and smiling in acknowledgement of his presence, my mum looked back at me and said: “Your Aunt and I will be going out to London tonight to meet some of our old friends, probably won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon” My eyes lit up with excitement and I briefly looked over at Callum who was already smiling back at me. We both returned our focus back to my mum as I tried to calm myself down a tad but she’d already clocked how happy I was.“Don’t look too distraught!” she said sarcastically in response to my reaction. “All I’m saying is if this house is a mess by the time I get back you’ll be in big trouble mister” she added, looking up at me and pointing her index finger. My mum’s real short; standing at about 5’3” I always wondered how I ever got as tall as I am now, even though 5’9” isn’t exactly ‘tall’. When you consider that my dad is 5’6”… it’s a bit of a miracle.“It won’t mum, I promise” I replied instantly in my ‘perfect child’ voice so she’s let us go. “Have a good time and I’ll see you tomorrow”“Have a good evening Claire” Callum said as we both turned around and walked out the front door. He was equally as desperate to go as I was. After about 5 seconds of walking on the main road after closing my front door behind us, Callum and I did not say a word to each other until I pulled him into a little alleyway that was deserted. He wrapped his arms around my neck letting as I put my hands under his jacket and firmly held his waist, pushing him gently up against a brick wall. I stared into his eyes and he just nodded at me smiling.. knowing I wanted him to stay over for the night and he agreed. It was telepathic. “You’re so beautiful” I said to him, moving my hands round to the base of his spine and pressing his waist against mine. I could instantly feel myself getting hard and so was Callum; looking deep into his beautiful green eyes only making the bulge in my jeans grow larger and larger. He kissed me on the lips after moving his hands on top of my shoulders, and then grabbed my left arm. “Come on babe let’s go” he said, pulling me out the alleyway as we headed towards town. We ended up watching Godzilla, which was Callum’s choice as he fucking loved disaster movies and lots of shit being destroyed. I liked them too but my favourite type of film has always been thrillers like ‘The Sixth Sense’ or ‘Prisoners’, or just comedy films.To be fair, Godzilla was sick and we had a real good time; nobody we knew spotted us and we just had a real chilled evening out. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t just thinking about spending the night with Callum all through the film, I mean I was just so fucking excited about it. So was he, frequently saying things like “can’t wait for later” and “I want you” during the movie. All we could do was give each other little touches on the thigh as we weren’t really comfortable with kissing in public; it would’ve drawn a lot of unwanted attention. After I’d rushed back to my house after the movie and Callum had quickly gone back to his to get a change of clothes and a toothbrush, I’d decided to have a quick shower and freshen up, even though I’d showered before we went out to town. I guess I just wanted to kill time as quickly as possible until Callum came back round. About 20 minutes later, my doorbell rung as I had just finished getting changed into some grey tracksuit bottoms and a plain white t-shirt.Opening the door I saw Callum stood on my doorstep; dressed in a plain black t-shirt and some black bottoms, holding his backpack in his left hand. I was starting to get hard again.“Get in here” I said, grabbing his right arm and gently pulling him inside my house and into the living room. I’d missed him. Those 20 minutes I spent without him felt like an hour and it was in this exact moment, as we collapsed on my sofa together kissing passionately just like we did on Tuesday, when I realised just how much I was falling for this boy. The longer we kissed, the more passionate it got. We could honestly do it all night long.. his lips were impossibly soft and I just couldn’t get enough of them. Callum’s hands were now both on the back of my neck; grabbing at my hair as I propped myself on top of him, resting my elbows either side of his body. I started to grab and pull gently on his hair, scrunching up handfuls of it in my hands as we continued to make out. It must’ve been about 15 minutes before we stopped to gather our breath, his hands still full with my hair and my hands full of his. “Fuck” he whispered, breathing heavily onto my lips which were no more than an inch away from his. The tips of our noses were touching ever so lightly. I just closed my eyes and savoured every wave of his hot, moist breath caressing my lips.“I want you inside my baby” he whispered, almost speaking with his panting breath. I could feel his stomach collapsing and inflating underneath me as he scrunched my hair up in his hands.“Oh yeah” I responded in the same, heavy-breathed voice. I felt Callum nod underneath me and my already rock hard dick somehow found an extra surge of length. I was bursting out my trousers, and could feel Callum’s throbbing cock doing the same.Callum slid out from underneath me and grabbed my left hand, pulling me up from the sofa.“Come on” I said, grabbing his arm and leading him up the stairs and into my room. This was it, I was going to fuck this amazingly gorgeous boy. I was so fucking horny that all I could see was Callum; my eyes were fixated on him and would not leave him. He was just perfect.As we entered my room I pushed Callum onto my bed, and he immediately removed his t-shirt to reveal his flawlessly tanned and lean body. His hair was starting to get messy and drop down his forehead; only fuelling me to get undressed quicker. I got down to my boxers before looking up and seeing such a sexy figure on my bed, so sexy that I couldn’t resist him even for a second. Climbing on top of him, I started to kiss his neck all over, slowly moving down to his chest and stomach and licking inside his belly button. I pulled off his tracksuit bottoms and boxers in one go, revealing a beautiful, uncut 7 incher slapping back against Callum’s stomach. “Now it’s your turn baby” I said looking up at Callum’s face, which was starting to get a little red because of the raw, animal sex drive we were experiencing.Placing my wet tongue at the base of his cock, I took one long lick up to his piss hole and back down; as Callum spread his legs open and started grabbing at my hair once more. Licking back up to the top, I gave one last look dead into his eyes before wrapping my lips firmly around his purple, throbbing bellend. I felt a strong scrunch of my hair as I slowly went further and further down his shaft, taking three, four, five, six inches right to the back of my throat. I never knew sucking dick felt this good. I had to repay Callum for sucking my dick so amazingly on Tuesday, and he was fucking loving it. “Aghhh…. holy.. shit Jameeesssss” he moaned and stuttered as I was now taking his full length into my mouth, never once disconnecting my soaking wet lips from his rock hard cock. But I didn’t want him to cum just yet.. no way. Slowly releasing all 7 inches from my mouth with my lips never losing grip around is shaft until they met together on his piss hole, I left his cock to drop down onto his stomach. Moving down to his balls I started licking them slowly, trying not to make him feel too uncomfortable. That was the first time I’d ever sucked a dick and I fucking enjoyed it. So did Callum by the sound of it, still moaning and panting as I finished licking over his entire scrotum.But now I wanted to get him ready for me, and cast my eyes upon what I was just about to be thrusting my pole into. Lifting both his legs up and exposing Callum’s hole,18禁无遮挡啪啪摇乳动态图 I felt my cock release some pre cum as I just gazed upon his pink entry. It was so tight, and looked so inviting. It’s as if his hole was begging to be absolutely ravished and filled to the brim with cock. I put my head down instantly and pressed my tongue against his asshole, licking the entry and getting it as wet as possible. Callum gradually started to relax and acclimatise to this new amazing feeling I was giving him as I felt his hole start to get slighter looser. After I’d loosened him out enough, I buried my tongue inside his hole, tasting his tender skin as he welcomed my warm, wet tongue inside him. I pushed my face in and out of his ass with my nose lightly hitting against his balls with every push. “Now baby, now” Callum panted at me. Taking this as my signal to go, I slowly removed my tongue from his now loosened asshole and gradually got to my feet. My boxers were now off, as I pushed Callum’s legs further back and lined up my cock with his hole; my hands gently pushing under his knees.I pressed my cock slowly against Callum’s asshole, easing my way in. My hands had now moved either side of his neck, palms flat against the mattress. I felt the tip of my cock pop into his ass as I let out a heavy breath. I lifted my head up slightly to stare into Callum’s flawlessly sparkling eyes, which were already looking directly at me. Ever so slowly, I got my full seven and a half inches of length completely inside Callum, his hole gripping tightly against my shaft. This was a moment to savour.. we were staring deep into each others eyes.. both our mouth’s open as we got used to me being inside him. I kept my cock still inside Callum for about 10 seconds as I could see a different type of look in his eye.. a look of complete and utter submission. He was my boy, and I was his. “You ready baby” I barely whispered at him, giving him a quick kiss on the lips; my cock still being hugged tightly by his asshole. “Yeah” he panted at me. “OHHHHH FUCK!”I pulled out about 5 inches from Callum’s ass and thrusted it back in, maybe a tad too hard but I just couldn’t help it. Thrusting in and out, in and out.. I was speechless. All I could do lock my eyes onto Callum’s and he locked into mine letting out moan after moan. “YES JAMES FU----UCK ME” I started to move my head away from Callum’s so I could generate more thrust in my hips; my cock invading Callum’s tight hole deeper and deeper. I slowed down after about 10 deep thrusts and came back close to his face, putting one hand at the back of his head and kissing him. Still kissing I was still going deeper and deeper into Callum’s hole, its grip on my shaft gradually getting looser and looser as it adjusted to my cock inside of it. I broke our kiss and looked at Callum’s face to see his eyelids pressed shut, as he immediately started biting his bottom and moaning in co-ordination with my thrusts. God this was so amazing. “I’M GONNA CUM BABY, OH SHIT” Hearing my warning as I continued to destroy his asshole; Callum managed to lift his right hand up to his cock and began jerking in sync to my thrusts. I couldn’t believe this boy. He was on another planet of pleasure right now and as his eyelids were still pressed shut, I could see the faintest bit of moisture soaking up his eyelashes. Suddenly, his eyes shot open and he started panting even heavier than he was already..“AHHHHHHMY FUCK” he screeched, shooting rope after rope of cum directly onto his stomach, a couple roped shooting to the top of his chest. The clench of his prostate as he came sent me onto heaven however, his asshole clenching against my cock as I saw his beautifully pearl-white cum coat his body.“OHH SHIT!” I shouted; pressing my eyes shut. Just as Callum stopped his orgasm and his hole stopped clenching, my cock began throbbing inside him, shooting one.. two.. three.. four... five.. six ropes of thick spunk far into his asshole. “Ahhhh, you- ahhhhhhh” Callum moaned, feeling my warm cum shoot up inside him. Fuck. After I’d finished my orgasm I slowly pulled my cock out of Callum’s ass, and collapsed on top of him in a heap; the cum on his stomach sticking our bodies together like glue.“That was… amazing” he said; my head resting on his chest as he stroked my hair. “Hell yeah” I whispered, exhausted and trying to recover.Callum rolled me over onto my back, and took his turn to collapse on top of me. Gently licking and kissing my neck and playfully biting my earlobe, Callum tried to recover as I shut my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. Biting my earlobe one last time, I felt Callum’s body heat from his face move slightly further away so I opened my eyes instantly. “I’m so fucking happy I lost it to you James” he said, smiling and me and stroking my hair as I became lost in his green gems yet again. “Wait” I said, finally registering what Callum just said to me.. “you were a virgin?”I was shocked, but so very pleasantly shocked. How could such a beautiful boy be so innocent and untouched at sixteen? It’s as if he was saving himself for me all his life. It felt like fate as we laid there in bed together. “Yeah.. you seem surprised baby” he replied, playing off my facial expression which must’ve been a pretty weird one. Man, if only he knew how gorgeous he was, anyone would be fucking surprised. But this made me like him even more, I was the first to experience making love to Callum; the thought of it warming my heartPulling him in for kiss, I gave him our most passionate one yet. I was addicted and Callum was my drug. “I think I love you James” he whispered into my ear, sending a beautiful shiver down my spine and raising goosebumps. I was so happy to hear such beautiful words from such a beautiful boy after such a beautiful moment, but was hesitant to say the same thing back. I just hated the idea of leading someone on and felt like lying about your feelings for someone is one of the worst things you could do. I just knew that sex can make you feel a whole wave of emotions especially right after, and didn’t want to give Callum a knee jerk idea of what I thought of him. But after a couple seconds of consideration, hell, I realised I really did fucking like this boy, like loads. I wasn’t in love with him, but it was pretty damn close. Anticipating our relationship could only get better from here on.. I gave my response.“I think I love you too, Callum” Placing his head above mine and staring into his eyes one last time. We both grinned at eachother and laughed, pressing our bodies together in a tight hug.We rolled over into bed and lay there together, Callum’s head resting perfectly on my chest as our legs rested on each others.Could you really fall in love in three days? It sure as hell felt like it.

这种颓势似乎划上了一个短暂的休止符。6月10日,制作组DICE正式推出了《战地2042》第一赛季“行动时刻”(Zero Hour),接下来的几天里,游戏在线人数持续回升,仅在Steam平台,在线玩家峰值即从四位数回到了五位数,一度逼近15000人。