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abdomen and face国产在线精品一区二区高清不卡

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abdomen and face国产在线精品一区二区高清不卡

My friend Joe and I have been friends since preschool, so at this time in our teens, we had grown close and were pretty much like brothers. We had seen each other naked before (when we were around 9 years old) and we each new that we were in the beginning stages of puberty because when we would have sleepovers (when we were around 9 and 10) we would share a bed and could feel each other’s boners through the sheets, and when we secretly watched porn together we would see the tents in each other’s shorts.Joe and I have dark brown hair, are both Caucasian, and have a skinny/athletic body build. At the time I was 15, 5ft 9in, 160lbs, and was in 9th grade. My friend Joe was 14, about 5ft 3in, 120lbs, and was in 8th grade.One day Joe’s mother dropped him off at my house at 1:00PM; my parents had just left for the grocery store so I knew we had at least an hour and a half until they were back. Joe’s mother left and we played video games for about 30 minutes. We got bored and we started on the topic of girlfriends, then sex and porn, and then jerking off. I could feel my dick twitching in my shorts as we talked, and I could see a little bit of movement in Joe’s shorts. I looked at the clock; it was 1:30PM and realized that my parents wouldn’t be home for about an hour, so I connected the HDMI cord from my laptop into my 40” flat screen TV, and we searched for good porn videos. We settled on a video with two barely legal gorgeous blonde girls fucking a scrawny white boy with about an 8” dick who was about their age. Joe and I sat down next to each other on the couch, leaving about one foot of space between us, and I started the video. I began to get a semi-hard boner, and I looked over and saw Joe’s dick sticking straight up in his shorts. It looked like it was about to rip through his pants. Seeing this made my dick stand straight up as well and made my dick hurt as it pushed up against my firm shorts. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joe hesitantly begin to rub his crotch, I slowly began to copy him. I saw Joe starting to move his hips a little to the motion of his hand on his cock, and then he stopped and looked at me doing the same. He then asked “is it okay if I take my pants off?” I replied with a yes and we both took off our pants. He was wearing blue and white striped loose fitting boxers, and I was wearing skin tight black boxer briefs. It surprised (and slightly humiliated) Joe when his pole stuck straight out of the slit in the front of his boxers. I then pulled out my cock from the slit in my boxer briefs, then laid my hand on his abdomen and said “It’s okay Joe, I’m okay with it as long as you are.”He then began to slowly stroke his cock again and soon went back to moving his hips with his hand motions, breathing heavily and letting out small quiet moans of pleasure. Shortly after I joined in. when the video ended I saw some precum on Joe’s hand and cock, and he saw the same on mine.Joe quietly and hesitantly asked me “Sean, do you wanna get naked and try something?” I caught onto his idea and said yes. It was now 1:50PM. We both stripped and then I asked him what he wanted to do. He then told me to lie down with my dick to the ceiling, and I did. He then sat on my chest, leaned over and kissed the head of my cock. I sat there in pleasure as droplets of precum dripped down and collected on my stomach. Joe then licked my 6 inch rod from base to tip before slowly taking it all in his mouth. He got up on his knees, raising his butt off my chest, leaving his balls and 5 inch cock dangling in my face. I lifted my head and copied what Joe was doing to my cock. He instructed me to tell him when I was gonna cum, and I told him to tell me when he was gonna cum as well. After about 5 minutes of sucking Joe told me he was gonna cum, so I slowed the sucking and jerking to almost a stop. Joe kept going for about 10 more minutes slowly increasing the pace of sucking and jerking me. I then told him I was gonna cum, so he had us stand up facing each other, and we jerked ourselves as hard and fast as we could. He shot about 2 streams of jizz that hit my legs and feet and oozed about 4 to 5 thin ribbons of jizz that flowed down his cock, balls, legs,chinese熟妇与小伙子mature and pooled at his feet and covering his hand. Then I shot 4 thick streams of jizz that hit Joe’s cock, abdomen and face, and I oozed about 7 more little ribbons that flowed like a river down my cock, balls, and legs and also pooled at my feet. Joe exclaimed “That felt fucking awesome!” I looked at the clock and it was 2:18PM. We took a ten minute shower and jerked and came all over each other again in there, then went back out and played video games until my parents came home at about 2:40PM. At about 3:00PM my parents took me and Joe to the community pool behind my house. We played and swam for a bit, than Joe and I went into the hot tub. We had the whole thing to ourselves. We sat next to each other and played around for a couple minutes until my hand landed on Joe’s rock hard dick. Mine instantly sprang up. Since we were the only two in the hot tub, we sat sideways, so we could slightly see everyone outside the hot tub room. We then started feeling and jerking each other’s cocks. We quickly stopped when some people came in and sat in the hot tub. Joe and I climbed out and made our way to the bathroom without anyone seeing our erections. Besides the public bathrooms there were a couple private bathrooms that no one really used, so Joe and I locked ourselves in one, stripped down, then started 69ing right there. We pretty much repeated what we had done earlier. I then used the cum from my hand to lube up Joe’s asshole, and he caught on and loved the idea. My dick was already lubed from my cum. I fingered Joe’s asshole with my right hand (which wad cum on it) and jerked his cum covered dick with my left hand. After 3 minutes of lubing, and loosening Joe’s asshole,I hesitantly stuck the tip of my dick in. he shivered a little and then relaxed, letting me slowly guide all 6 inches of me into Joe’s ass. He shivered, moaned, and clenched his anal muscles in pleasure. He whispered to me “harder, faster” and so I did what he said. Soon enough I was plowing Joe’s ass as hard and fast as I could, holding his hips with my left arm and jerking him off with my right hand. I paused for a moment, then flipped Joe over and put his body on the sink counter with his dick pointing upward with my dick still in his ass. I then resumed the anal fucking. When Joe announced that he was gonna cum, I stuck my mouth down on his dick and jerked and sucked his cock as fast as I could. He shot 5 thick streams into my mouth before I shot 3 streams into his ass. He collapsed onto the floor as I wiped my mouth and swallowed his tasteless/bitter cum. I then grabbed Joe’s head and face fucked him until I shot 6 thick streams down his throat. He choked a little then swallowed. He licked his lips and my limp cock making sure he got it all. We got dressed than told my parents we were gonna walk home. They said they’d be home in about 20 minutes.We bolted through the back door, stripped, and hopped into the shower. I butt-fucked Joe a second time, then he got a chance to shoot his load into my ass. We dried off, got dressed and waited for my parents to come home. At 5:00PM we had dinner, Joe and I kept looking over at each other and smiling. I accidentally dropped my fork, and when I looked under the table I saw that Joe had another hard -on. I picked up my fork then shot Joe a sexy look. We finished dinner then played video games from about 6:00PM to 9:00PM when my mother told us to go to sleep. We set up our sleeping bags on the couches in the living room, and then went to sleep. I awoke to a wicked boner at about 1:00AM. I quietly got up and walked over to a sleeping Joe. I slowly and quietly unzipped his sleeping bag to find out that Joe was sleeping naked with his ass facing me. I discovered that he too had a boner. I began to jerk Joe’s cock being careful not to wake him up. I felt precum wet my hand, but Joe did not stir so I jerked a little faster. Joe still didn’t stir, so again I jerked a little faster. I reached a steady pace that made Joe move a little bit, I stopped as he turned over and allowed his hard-on to fall right in front of my face, but he didn’t wake up. I jerked him at the same pace; he then stirred and almost woke up as he shot 3 thick streams of cum onto my face and hand. I realized my dick had risen out of my loose boxers and was oozing cum onto my legs and the carpet. I stood up and began to furiously jerk off with my dick right in Joe’s face. He woke up in a surprisingly good mood when 7 thick shots of cum hit him and covered his whole face in cum. We sucked each other off then went back to sleep. I hope you have liked what I’ve written so far, so comment and private message me if you want to hear more about this awesome experience of mine.