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deliberate motions国产在线无码精品电影网

YBWL-3Hello! This is a story about young boys doing things that young boys probably ought to not do to each other. If you have no desire to read such a story, then please leave now. Otherwise, enjoy the very strange contents of my imagination. As you have figured out by now, I have very strange fetishes. The only way I can relieve them is through these stories. Let me know what you think in the comments- my account is periodically deleted for whatever reason and I enjoy hearing from those who enjoy my strange work. Please, enjoy!Chris stirred the food around his tray absent-mindedly as he glanced at his soon-to-be opponent across the cafeteria. He was a little worried about their match on Saturday, and he typically handled the stress of his matches well. And Chris had quite the stressful life.Chris had really been a member of the YBWL since before he could even join at the age of ten, helping his friend Luke train. Chris had always had dormant feelings for Luke, and like any reasonable teenage boy he kept them that way. As homoerotic as the YBWL was, there really weren't that many gay guys in it. Homosexuality was mocked just as it would be in the football locker room or classroom. Chris had hoped in the beggining of their relationship that their "practice sessions" were really just excuses to take each other's clothes off and jerk each other off. By this point it had become clear, however, that Luke was into it for the dominance rather than the eroticism. Still, Chris was pleased that he could enjoy the contours of his otherwise straight friend while on the wrestling mat. They were practically best friends, and that was good enough for Chris. His other good friend Josh currently had his interest anyway. Josh sat to his right, sharing a conversation with the majority of the table as usual. Josh was a star athlete on the track team, and quite the looker. He thought that Josh just might be gay.....Since their joint initation Luke had risen to the top ranks, currently holding the YBWL's best win/loss ratio. The two still regularly sparred together. Luke, sitting to his left now, patted him reassuredly. Luke had only lost twice in his long YBWL career-once to Chris, in one very long and spectacular match. His other loss.... well thats a story for another time."Chris, I can tell you're nervous about this match. And you can trust me when I tell you that you have nothing to worry about."He paused to take a massive bite out of his apple. Luke usually only ate the apple off of his lunch tray, which he frequently complained about the contents of. As he should. The boy's school served awful food."He's friends with that punk-ass Jake kid I demolished in front of everybody earlier this year. With a sparring partner like that, he ought to be no problem at all."Josh joined in the conversation. "Thats easy for you to say! You demolish practically everybody that crosses your path!"He turned his chair so that he could look Chris directly into his beautiful green eyes. Chris was a low-ranking member of the school's ROTC group, and currently donned the military-esque apparel. His most attractive feature were his ears, which were quite large and stuck directly outwards. They looked cute on the small boy and accuented his facial features. His military cap rested atop his military haircut at all times while wearing his uniform, in fear of punishment via pushups. His skin was perfectly tanned, which looked great in contrast to the white skin of Luke and Josh. Josh had seen what Chris looked like underneath that uniform, in his incredibly hot match with Luke. And he liked it alot. "You can't take advice on matchups from Luke-nobody can touch him except you thanks to ya'lls matchup experience. He's on a whole other level. This kid Alex's friend Jake might be weak, but I've heard that Alex is actually pretty good. What I want to know is why you've agreed to a match at his house." Chris finally spoke. "I know you guys are into these public matches, but I'm not. I'm tired of 'em. I'm just not into the whole public domination thing. That, and I can't use my house for a match this weekend." He resumed stirring his food around. The truth was that he preferred to take advantage of his opponent in ways that might.... disturb some people of a younger audience. He didn't need his high school knowing that he had strange fetishes, he was only a freshman.This upset Josh, who wanted to see more of Chris. He quickly spoke again. "Then at least let me go with you! I'll wait outside or somethin'. Look, normally you would be talking shit and being your usual cocky self, so something is obviously up with you. I just don't want you to lose just because he cheated to get the upper hand."Luke laughed. "You're just saying that because you lost to that weird kid....what's his name?....Tyler! If you had been on guard he wouldn't have got the drop on you! Besides, you had that coming. You constantly torment that kid. Next time you fuck with somebody, you better make sure they aren't a member of the YBWL." He concluded this sentence by smugly sipping on his drink and looking towards Chris. "Alex is a straight-edge loser. You got nothing to worry about. Nobody is going to be seeing pictures of you covered in jizz next Monday like Ol' Josh here."But Alex would turn out to be a bit of a challenge, as anticipated by Chris. For one thing he was almost a good foot taller than five foot-two Chris. He didn't have nearly the same muscle tone, though. While Chris looked chiseled and worthy of worship, Alex had more of a skinny "boy next door" look. He was a good well-behaved kid with blonde hair and brown eyes, and seemed a genuinly nice person. He had only been in the YBWL for a short time but he had a promising start.The boys chatted for a little while longer until the bell rang and they headed for class. "Look, if you wanna spar before the match for some practice..." Luke extended his hand and Chris shook it."No thanks, I got some homework and ROTC stuff to take care of." replied Chris. "But thanks. I'll see you guys Sunday for football?""For sure." said Luke. "Good luck." The three of them all exchanged goodbyes and headed to class.Chris arrived at Alex's house around twelve on Saturday. He was wearing a pair of green camoflauged cargo shorts with a black "Semper Fi" tshirt. Alex answered the door wearing an undershirt and blue jeans. "You're Chris, right? Come on in!" He smiled and stepped aside so Chris could come in.Alex had a pretty nice house. A big one at that. There was a large blue wrestling mat placed in the center of the living room. All the furniture had been moved to the adjacent theatre room. Plenty of space to move around. Alex offered something to drink, to which Chris declined. Alex's humbleness was attractive and his throat was a little parched, but Chris kept Josh's advice in mind. He didn't want to accept a drugged drink."I'd rather get on with the match. Do you have a camera?"Alex nodded towards the kitchen table, which had a large classic polaroid camera resting on top of it. He took off his socks and stood on the matt. "Ready when you are."Chris took off his shoes and socks and joined his opponent on the mat. Without a word spoken both boys threw up their guard and approached each other. The match was on.The boys took turns exchanging blows. Alex clearly wasn't going to try anything against Chris in terms of submission or ground work. Chris quickly realized that Alex's dominant reach meant he was going to have to bring him down to the ground, as he found himself on the recieving end of many of Alex's strikes and out of reach. He quickly dove for Alex's legs, but recieved a nasty knee to the face from a quickly-reacting Alex. He fell to the ground on his knees, clutching a slightly-bleeding nose as he felt his shirt being yanked quickly down over his head. Chris threw himself backwards and stood up quickly, wiping his nose as Alex tossed his shirt to the side. The grey waistband of his briefs, reading "Hanes: Classic" poked up over his shorts.Chris approached his opponent again and continued to recieve the majority of his opponent's strikes, patiently waiting for the right time to strike back. That moment soon came when Alex attempted a risky front kick to Chris' face. Chris grabbed his foot with his left hand and raised it as high as he could, then quickly struck Alex's sack with his right. Alex collapsed to the ground immediatley, clutching his groin. Chris quickly joined him on the ground and slammed his head against the mat five or six times, until he was hardly moving. He groaned as Chris flipped him over onto his back and fumbled with his belt. His hands weakly tried to resist his attacker as he undid the clasp on Alex's jeans and pulled them down to his knees, revealing his tight white Jockey briefs."Good boys like you always wear these" Chris laughed and stood up to grab his previously discarded shirt. He returned to Alex, sitting atop his chest as the boy started to come around a bit. He wrapped his shirt around Alex's neck and pulled as tight as he could with his right hand. With his left he reached behind him and fondled Alex's still-soft and yet still-visible equipment. Alex thrusted his hips and clawed at Chris' torso in a vain attempt to escape, leaving marks on Chris' chiseled torso and giving him even easier access to his genitals. He found himself completely helpless as his assailant fondeled his cloth-covered package. Soon his body's motions slowed and then stifled completely as his body succumbed to the lack of oxygen. The humble young boy was unconscious. Chris breathed a deep sigh of relief. He didn't often lose his matches after scoring the first knockout. He left his shirt around Alex's neck and stood up to finish pulling his jeans off. He pulled him to the center of the mat and laid down beside him. He jerked him off through his briefs, passionately exploring Alex's growing bulge and ass through the tight cotton. As soon as Alex was hard Chris moved down to his real target:the feet. Earlier when Alex took his socks off Chris had noticed something that he hadn't before: Alex had beautiful feet. They weren't too big or small, and he just found the texture and curves and shape really attractive. Yes, Chris had a foot fetish.Chris now had a raging hardon thinking about what he was about to do to this cute boy's feet. He wished he could shed his clothing right then and there and be free of the confinements of his shorts and briefs, his raging cock pulsating as he ravished the feet of his opponent. But that would only make Alex's victory more likely, and if so quicker and easier.He took a deep breath from Alex's package as he continued to fondle it, slowly making his way down until he got to his feet, which the boy clearly took care of. The nails were recently trimmed and they smelled good. He had probably recently bathed. And now his toes were about to recieve a tongue bath. Chris played with his feet for a while as he planted his own foot firmly into Alex's groin, massaging his balls with his own feet while fully exploring the contours of his. He ran the bottom of his foot up and down Alex's visible shaft as he popped each one of his toes ino his mouth one at a time. His eyes were closed in ecstacy as he savoured everything about the moment. He hoped that the sleeping boy, clad only in his undershirt and white briefs, would never wake up.But soon he did. Chris noticed him slowly regaining consciousness and continued to bathe his feet, now focusing on the bottoms. He wanted Alex to see what he had been doing to him. Alex quickly grabbed Chris' foot, which was still massaging his balls, and roughly tossed it aside. He scooted backward until he was up against the wall. His boner made a visible tent in his tight briefs. Clearly groggy, he threw up his guard.Chris quickly took advantage of the moment by throwing in a few strikes at random areas to keep Alex guessing, who couldn't get any offense going. Chris soon easily landed an impressive blow to the chin, which he followed immediatley by sweeping Alex's leg. He elbow dropped the boy's stomach, taking great pleasure hearing the air knocked out of him. Alex was now clutching his stomach and rolling slowly back and forth. He didn't really resist when Chris pulled his undershirt off of him.Seeing his lack of enthusiasm, Chris knelt down beside him and freely explored his ass, balls, and everything in between with his strong hands. He landed a clean right across Alex's face for good measure, which stopped most of his moving. He then grabbed him under his arms and dragged him into the corner, seating himself tightly between the two. Chris loved this position, as he could easily explore his opponent.He ran his hands up and down the hardly conscious boy's chest as he nibbled on his ear. He continued to explore all of the boy's torso as he nuzzled his head, pulling the groggy youth's mouth back towards him for a full on kiss. Alex at first weakly resisted, but then realized it was of no use and returned the kiss. They always did. Chris finally moved down to the boys dick, which was starting to get hard again. He fondled the boys package, wrapping his legs around the boy's waist so he could pry his legs further apart as the boy's tongues furiously danced. They continued like this for some time in this position until Alex began to gain some of his strength back and began reisisting Chris' advances. Chris decided it was time to end the match.He wrapped his arm tightly around Alex's throat. It was a very long sleeper hold.At first a few coughs escaped his lips but after that his eyes were closed and his mouth was silent. His only resistance was his hips attempting to escape Chris' constant assault of his cock. The combination of the sleeper hold plus the legs wrapped around his abdomen made it impossible to breathe, so Alex tried to exhale as little as possible. He felt himself losing consciousness as Chris slowly slid his thumb and forefinger up and down his clearly raging hard-on through his tight white underwear. His furrowed eyebrows slowly relaxed as he drifted off to sleep. Chris picked up his hand and dropped it a few times as he continued to fondle him to make sure he was out cold. Alex had been propped up against his chest for some time now, and an incredible heat had built up there. Chris wanted to lay there forever and just continue jerking him off and putting him to sleep, but this wasn't a public match. No need to humiliate the nice boy.After playing with Alex a little while longer in this fashion, he stood up and dragged the hard boy to the center of the mat and went back to work on his feet for a little while, groping himself as he did so. After taking another round through Alex's toes he went back to work on the front of his briefs, making sure his grand reveal would be in its full glory. He reached his hand under the leg-hole and slowly ran his palm up and down his shaft and balls until Alex couldn't possibly get any harder. Finally he slipped his white briefs down, making sure to pull tightly down as he did so that Alex's cock would bounce up towards his belly button. He left the underwear pooled down at his ankles and gripped his cock gently in his hand.Chris gripped Alex's throbbing six-inch shaft in every way possible, tugging it every which way and jerking it up and down. Chris himself was feeling like he needed some release, which he planned on doing all over Alex's cock and balls after he ejaculated. Chris licked his palm and continued to jerk off the young boy's smooth cock while tweaking his nipples. He nestled his face in the boy's junk as he ran his hands all along the cute knocked out boy, slowly making his way back down to his cock. He pumped it with slow, deliberate motions, studying both it and the boy's sleeping face as he began to pay more attention to his balls. He gently rolled them back and forth as he licked Alex's dick, tantalizing the head with the surface of his tongue. He picked up his pace as Alex's breathing starten to quicken, his head turning and legs moving slightly as he slept through the attack. Soon warm boy jizz would be all over them. Chris had seen it a million times before and loved this moment. He leaned in to kiss Alex again as his balls began to visibly tighten.....But suddenly an arm was wrapped around Chris' throat and his arm was being held behind his back. One “No!” escaped his lips as he began to struggle against his mystery assailant. He attempted to stand up but a foot was planted firmly on his calf. His free hand struggled to remove the arm from around his neck, but it was of no use. He couldn't see who his attacker was, but they seemed to be shirtless and likely younger than him, as Chris was a short boy for his age. He should have brought backup. His arm fell by his side and everything slowly faded to black as he was slowly knocked unconscious.Alex was awakened by a slap to the face. He slowly came to and saw his beautiful sleeping opponent sprawled on top of his own body. Chris' stomach was tightly pressed against his still hard cock, his head was laid down on his chest. He was momentarily confused-Chris hadn't accepted his drugged drink. Then he saw his younger brother Trevor kneeling behind him, exploring Chris' ass under his shorts and briefs.“Are you gonna help me strip this kid down and jerk him off or not?”Trevor was a cute young boy still in middle school. A star running back, his short blonde hair and blue eyes were backed by a pearly white smile and toned figure. He looked really good for a thirteen year-old middle-schooler. He was certainly in better shape than Alex.“Trevor! I told you to stay in your room! You're not a member yet, you can't wrestle!” Alex slid out from under the unconscious boy and pulled his briefs up over his still visible cock as Trevor flipped Chris over onto his back.“Not yet I'm not! I want to get a good feel for it. Besides, if it weren't for me you'd have lost the match already, so shut up and help me take his pants off. Please? Let me help you with this one match. Or at least let me have a little fun with him?”Alex had long suspected a lingering homosexuality in his brother,东北女人毛多水多牲交视频 and his boyish eagerness to get himself and this boy undressed wasn't easing his suspicions. Regardless, he was right. Anything goes in the YBWL, and he had might as well easily take the match. He didn't understand his motives fully, but it would be extremely easy to take manhandle this little boy with the help of his younger brother. He nodded and knelt down to play with Chris' gray waistband as Young Trevor tugged his shorts off, leaving him in just his Hanes Classic red briefs. Trevor unfastened his jeans, but they still clung to his waist tight and allowed him easier access to his boyhood, which he fondled now. Alex could now easily see that he was wearing his lucky pair of underwear- a pair of sky blue briefs covered with footballs, baseballs and the like. They looked cute on the young boy and he often lounged around the house at night or on weekends just wearing them. Trevor and Alex had practice matches all the time, but seeing his brother naked was nothing special nor erotic. They just practiced the wrestling and stripping part, and did not jerk each other. Alex could see Trevor mouth the word “wow” as he continued to touch himself and stare at the sleeping boy clad in just his red briefs. To be fair, Chris was a really good looking kid. Trevor was lucky to get illegitimate practice against a boy way outside of his rank, especially considering that he wasn't even a member of the league.“His ears are cute”, said Alex as he rubbed Chris' ear lobes. He rubbed his hands up and down Chris' torso and watched Trevor with mild amusement as he began to jerk him off through his briefs, at first running his palm up and down and then switching to a stroking motion as his cock started to fully form. He gripped his penis with his thumb and forefinger and slowly rubbed it up and down through the unconscious youth's underwear. Trevor was shaking a little from the excitement. Alex sternly placed a hand on his naked chest and told him to take a deep breath. “Relax, Trevor. Focus on the match. Chris is probably going to wake up soon. As soon as he gets up, I'll restrain him in a full nelson. Then you can do whatever you want to him. After that, we get him off and spread him out for a picture, wake him up and tell him to get out. Got it?”Trevor nodded as he continued to fondle the K. O’d teen, licking his lips as he anticipated his face-to-face humiliation of the older boy. He could tell even through the red cotton that Chris didn't have as a long of a penis as Alex, but it was certainly thicker. Much like their body sizes. He reached his hand inside to fondle his balls as Alex's hand joined him to jerk his shaft. There was a massive bulge in the front of the passed out young boy's underwear as the two hands slowly jerked his cock and gently rolled his balls around. Alex used his other hand to tweak Chris' nipples as Trevor stuffed his inside of his pants. This hot action continued for some time until Chris coughed and started to wake up.Alex stood up and began to lift up the tired young boy as Trevor's hand stayed inside his briefs. Chris couldn't stand without the two boys supporting him as Alex hoisted him in a weak full nelson hold. He mumbled a few words of protest as Trevor continued to have his way with the stud. Chris moaned as Trevor's young finger slipped under his waistband and into his boyhole. He slowly worked in a second finger, which brought either greater pleasure or great resistance from the boy as he squirmed in Alex's arms. Trevor now tucked Chris' gray waistband under his balls and pulled out Chris' throbbing cock from his briefs, taking all of it all into his mouth. He cupped his hands around his ass in order to thrust his cock into his mouth. It was a beautiful scene. Alex was turned on, pressing his cock up against Chris' butt rhythmically with Trevor as he bobbed back and forth on Chris' smooth member. Trevor found his nose repeatedly coming into contact with the tiny bush of brown hair resting below Chris' naval as he continued to take all of the boy into his mouth. Alex continued to apply pressure to Chris' neck whenever he felt like he was getting too strong, asphyxiating him for brief periods so they could have their way with him. Soon the boys had him falling asleep, his breathing heavy and his cock being pumped quickly. Trevor removed his jeans as the boy weakly slumped to his knees.“Nice....underwear......what are you...six?” Panted Chris as Trevor's hands found their way back to his cock and balls. He tried to say something else but instead found a mouthful of Trevor's tongue. Chris willingly and passionately returned the kiss, his proud member still rigid in Trevor's hand. Trevor tucked his own briefs beneath his sack and grinded their two cocks together, continuing to make out with the weak boy. Alex continued to apply pressure as Trevor continued his assault for some time until he finally stopped moving.“I think he's out.” said Trevor.Alex finally released the unconscious teen boy from the hold. His arms fell limply to his sides as the two brothers pressed themselves tightly against him. Trevor continued to grind their cocks together as they eased him down to the mat. Alex noticed that his brother was leaking a little precum. He gently grabbed his brothers cock and balls and tucked back into his cute tight briefs, where they visibly tented and left a noticeable wet spot.“Take it easy there, bro! The goal is to make the opponent cum, not you! That part comes either after or during.”Trevor nodded and slid Chris' briefs down his muscular legs and off his feet, inhaling deeply from his pouch before throwing them into the growing pile of boy clothes. The incredibly smooth and incredibly hard boy once again found himself being jerked off as he slept soundly. His junk was now fondled in clear view. Alex grabbed his arms and legs and spread him out wide as Trevor began to suck his dick again, this time rolling his balls around as he did so. He placed one of Chris' hands inside of his briefs, just wanting to feel a hand on his dick while he brought the cute boy to climax. Alex left him at his game and went straight to Chris' feet in order to return the punishment he had received earlier. He gently licked and explored and massaged his smooth boy feet, making sure to press the sleeping youth's foot into the front of his jockeys. This activity continued for some time until Trevor finally took the unconscious would-be-soldier's cock out of his mouth.“Alex, grab some rope from the garage. I wanna tie him up so he can be nice and comfortable while we cum all over him. More importantly, we won't have to keep knocking him out. I'll take it from here, he can't last much longer.”Indeed, it was miraculous that Chris had not yet came. It was truly a testament to his training. Alex went to get some rope as Trevor continued to fondle Chris, feeling his tight stomach as he pumped his cock up and down. What Trevor didn't know was that Chris had already woke up and was merely pretending to be asleep.Chris felt his orgasm approaching and knew that he needed to act fast. There was no way that he was going to lose this match. Not this way. He allowed Trevor to continue for a little while longer. Trevor currently was pumping his own cock using Chris' hand.He suddenly and violently sat up, gripping his right hand around Trevor's neck tightly. Trevor's hands flew to his throat on reaction, leaving him perfectly open to a clean left hand from Chris. The punch knocked him out cold as he fell down to the mat, but Chris choked him a little while longer just to be sure. He slid his incredibly hard cock up and down the also hard young boy's face, slapping him a few times with it before hiding behind the door. Alex came back in holding some yellow ropes they used every summer to hitch their canoes. He didn't see his cute younger brother laying unconscious on the mat until it was too late. Chris came in behind him and kicked him in the back of the knee, causing him to fall over immediately. Chris quickly grabbed a length of the rope he was holding and wrapped it around his neck, choking him out as he grabbed his cloth-covered dick. Alex only lasted a minute and a half before finally succumbing and passing out in his arms. Chris was back in control, and he had no intention of losing it again.He hoisted Alex bear hug style into a nearby chair and used the rope to tie him tightly to it. He made sure to position it so that Alex would have a great view of him having his way with his younger brother. He made sure that the sleeping youth was tightly secured before harshly waking him up with a few slaps to the face. Alex grumbled and stirred as Chris returned his attention to his first and younger victim, who was slowly waking up already. Chris walked towards him and folded his arms.“I've never seen you around, kid. You're not a member.”Trevor groaned in response. He held his head and breathed softly. He felt sick. The room was spinning.Chris continued. “You obviously need a lesson in staying out of peoples business. You also obviously love sucking my dick. So suck it, bitch.”He grabbed Trevor behind his shaved blonde head and brought him to a sitting position. Chris' cock had finally gone soft for the first time in the match while he tied Alex to his chair. It was quickly brought back to full attention as he plunged it into Trevor's mouth, who weakly complied to his fellatio. The groggy 13 year old was clearly hard as Chris slipped his hands into the front of his cute briefs. He could hear Alex struggling to get free from his bonds, to no avail of course. Chris had done this many times. “Kiss me, Trevor.”He weakly complied as Chris continued to stroke his dick up and down through his tight briefs, enjoying the feeling up the material covering the stiff boyhood, leaving little to the imagination as you explored every inch of his cock. He pulled on the light blue waistband and snapped it a few times before returning to stroking his cock through the material, then sneaking its way under the leghole to rub his shaft and balls with his palm for a while. He then forcefully placed his cock back in in Trevor' mouth and allowed him to suck it weakly for a little while longer.“Ready to go back to sleep?” asked Chris, taking his dick out of his mouth and punching him hard in the stomach. Trevor attempted to fold over but Chris didn't let him. He groaned and nodded his head softly.“Have your way with me. Just put me out first.”Chris gently pushed Trevor back onto his back and slowly removed his cute briefs. Trevor's hairless cock came into full view as it fired towards his naval. Chris stroked it two or three times as Trevor's legs actually spread open to greet his touch, then sat in behind the groggy boy and gently wrapped his arm around his neck. His eyes were closed as Chris fondled his equipment. Chris was actually the first boy to touch Trevor in this way, which he suspected. He kissed the boy's cheek and probed his ear.“Ready?”Trevor nodded as Chris' grip tightened. His free hand slowly ran up and down Trevor's thigh, who offered no resistance against his inevitable knockout. His arms lay motionless by his sides, his unperturbed cock pointing directly upwards toward his adorable scrunched up face as Chris gently brought him to sleep. As the young teenager passed out in his arms he looked towards his older brother and flashed a devilish smirk, who looked away. Chris could see that Alex was hard, even from behind his unconscious naked brother. After some time passed it was clear that Trevor had now been knocked out for the second time.He laid the boy boy down gently, his cock resting on his naval and beating in time with his circadian rhythms. He picked up the boy's hand and let it fall to the mat a few times before walking over to Alex and slapping him in the face again, hard. He gripped Alex under the chin and pulled his face in close for a long, deep kiss and then looked him directly in the eyes.“You listen to me, Alex. If I look over at you one more time and catch you NOT watching what I do to your brother, I'm fucking him in the ass. Got it?”Alex nodded hurriedly. Chris returned to Trevor and pumped his cock slowly up and down. He sat to the right of him and slid his left leg under Trevor's waist. His slid his right leg under Trevor's legs so that the young boy was splayed horizontally across his lap, his hips raised slightly to greet Chris' expert hands. Chris knew that this boy would be cumming in no time. His eyes met Alex's, who was staring at Trevor's cock. He continued to sleep soundly as Chris explored his lightly toned chest and legs, enjoying his easy and full access to the boy's otherwise private areas. Alex protested as Chris gently reached under and probed his tight boy hole, which Chris obviously ignored as he stimulated Trevor from both ends of his body simultaneously.As the sleeping boy's breathing grew heavier Chris quickened his pace on his cock. Soon his hips and legs began to shake. Chris peered up at Alex and made sure he was watching. He was, and seemed almost too interested in seeing his sibling achieve orgasm for the first time. His jaw hung slightly open. For some reason this turned Chris on.Chris pointed his cock slightly up and towards his sleeping naval while continuing his quickening pace as he ran his other hand hurriedly up and down his inner thigh. The boy soon came, spewing semen all over his tight abs. Not a whole lot, the boy hadn't been ejaculating for very long. But an impressive amount nonetheless. His slight movements finally came to a halt as Chris continued to jerk his softening cock. Chris wondered what he was dreaming about. He slowly slid out from underneath the boy and grabbed the camera from the table. The cum on his stomach glinted in the light in the fully developed pictures twenty seconds later. He left these items on the table and went after his real target, who was still looking at Trevor. Chris stood in front of him, blocking his view.“I can't wait to tell all my friends about this particular match. You couldn't even beat me with the help of your pansy ass brother. He's not so tough when my arms aren't restrained above my head. Do you even have anything to say for yourself?”“I told him to stay in his room, I swear! He wants to be a member really bad and I couldn't get him to back off once he saw you. I'm sorry, but it wasn't my fault!” Alex neglected to mention the drink Chris turned down earlier that he drugged himself.“If it was my brother I would have kicked his ass myself and dragged him back to his room. Seems to me you also need a lesson-one in respect and honor.”With that he heard Trevor stirring behind him. He grabbed Alex's waistband and slid his briefs down and off his body, his hard cock springing out as if to greet him. Chris quickly and quietly sat down by the soft young waking boy and slipped Alex's briefs over his head, making sure the boy's face was pointed directly where his brother's cock normally rested. He knocked the young boy out with ease for the third time, allowing the boy to moan in disgust at the humiliation before wrapping his hands around his throat and sending him back to dreamland for the third time. He returned back to Alex and stood behind the chair he was in. Alex had no control as Chris leaned down over him and slowly ran his palm up and down the lengthiest member in the room. He licked his palm for lubrication as he wrapped his arm tigthtly around Alex's neck. Once Alex was barely conscious, Chris removed the roping from around his torso. Alex fell down to his hands and knees on the mat.With some effort Chris able to lift Alex up in a cradled position, before slamming him down on his knee with a punishing back breaker. A loud and painful escape of air left Alex's lips as Chris let the hard boy remain on his knee. He fondled the boy's balls in one hand while keeping his other around Alex's neck. He of course was unable to lift his head, so he allowed it rest upside-down on the mat uncomfortably as Chris continued to jerk him off. Alex struggled to remove himself from the excruciating back breaker, but it was no use. Whenever Alex simply gave up, Chris would hammer-fist his gut, forcing him to stay attentive and make some attempt to protect himself. He eventually allowed Alex to roll off of his knee.Alex rolled onto his stomach and held and hand to his back, groaning in pain. He saw his brother unconscious in front of him before Chris grabbed his head and slammed into the mat. Over and over and over again. Once he stopped moving Chris felt free to play with his ass cheeks, pushing them together and squeezing them until he tired of them. He flipped the unconscious boy onto his back and pumped his cock a few times before walking over to the clothes pile and grabbing Trevor's cute briefs. He placed them on Alex's head in the same fashion as he continued to molest the sleeping youth. Chris laid down on top of him so that their cocks were rubbing together and slowly ground their pelvises into one another. Chris felt himself approaching climax, so he crawled up Alex's chest and lifted the waistband of Trevor's underwear up over his nose, deeply probing Alex's mouth as precum drooled out of both boy's members onto Alex's body. He let the waistband spring back down over his chin.Chris gathered the small amount of precum into his palm and straddled the knocked out blonde. He sat on the boy's stomach, facing his dick so that Chris could grasp both of their cocks in one hand. With his lubricated hand he pumped away on their two cocks held tightly together, pointed at the ceiling. He looked up towards the sky and closed his eyes, relishing the moment. He switched to both hands. He had been waiting for this release for quite some time. A single purple vein showed clearly on Chris' thick raging member as he pumped the two wet cocks in unison. His stomach heaved in and out wildly, his clavicles showed clearly as he stooped over slightly, unable to hold himself up completely as his body approached what he would soon discover to be one of the greatest orgasms he would ever achieve.Soon Chris erupted, and Alex wasn't that far behind him. Chris fired several ribbons up into the air with incredible force before edging back slightly and pointing his dick down at Alex's cock and balls. He struggled to remain conscious as euphoria took control of his senses, firing boy juice all over Alex's lower half as he continued furiously pumping his own cock. Each blast of boy jizz brought his entire body rocking forward with it. His eyes remained closed but his head hung low as he breathed huskily and heavily, finally running out of ammuntion around blast number ten. He felt incredibly drained, dazed. He could feel some of his cum in his hair and over his left ear.He slowly got up off his opponent and laid down in front of his still raging and cum-soaked member. It only took three minutes of jerking and then deep throating the boy's dick before Alex finally came, adding comparable amounts of semen to the growing pile on his cock, balls, and naval. Chris watched closely, fascinated with the mechanics of the male body as he continued to fondle it during its nocturnal emission. He finally tired of his battered opponent and took several victory pictures from several angles. He finished by dragging Alex on top of his younger brother, pressing the sticky juices tightly between their naked bodies. He tied them up together like that and retrieved his clothing.Chris walked out of the house with his photographs feeling like a new man.