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and ran to approach him国产在线观看a片免费

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and ran to approach him国产在线观看a片免费

I was back in my room, studying for my mid-terms, or pretending to do so. It had been a day since my last encounter with Mr. Smith. Mike and I had decided to go steady, and he was taking my out this weekend to a restaurant just outside of town. We booked a private booth, so that we would not be seen by anyone we knew. I was skimming over some text when my computer beeped. I had recieved a new e-mail from Mike.Will,Sorry I didn't warn you... Tried something a little new yesterday. Check the attachment ;)Love,MikeI was curious what he meant, so I looked at the attachment. It was a video file, with no name. Just the old vid001 label on it. I decided to open it up. I was surprised to see myself, sucking on Mike's cock. That sly sucker had video taped us yesterday! I smiled to myself and hit reply to his e-mail.Mike,You sneaky thing! I miss you already, can't wait till this weekend. Maybe we can pick up where we left off?Love,WillI hit send, and then looked around my room. Jack had football practice, so I was all alone. I decided now would be a good time to take an afternoon wank. I quickly surfed on google for a nice gay porn site, and clicked on a video. It was an older man and a young twink. The twink was sucking the older man's dick. I quickly undid my belt and slid down my pants to expose my own member. It only took a few strokes to get it hard. The younger man stopped sucking the older man's dick, and then the video faded into a scene of the twink sitting on the older guys cock. With the sight of that, I immediatly started to moan. I already felt my pre-cum, and decided to use it as lubricant. The man then started pounding the twink's ass hard. I reached back around, and felt around my rosebud. I moaned in ecstacy with this anal pleasure as I gently wanked my dick. Feeling close to my climax, I let out a long moan and came onto my shirt. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash-up. Looking at the various cum stains on my shirt, I decided my best bet would be to finally do some laundry. With that, I went down to the laundry room to do my duties.About half an hour later I came back up to my room. The door was unlocked, suprisingly. Confused, I turned the knob. I was instantly surprised to see Jack was home... on my computer. Oh shit, I had forgotten to close the porn site and my e-mail. I stared blankly across the room, listening to my own moaning noises. He was watching the video of Mike fucking me. I walked over and quickly hit the spacebar to stop the video."Jack..." I said, chocking on my words."So... You're queer?" He said, confusion in his eyes."Yeah...""And you're having an affair with Mr. Smith.""Um... yeah.""How did I not know this man? We've been best friends for years! What the fuck?""I don't think I even knew! I just, was confused for a while and then, I met Mike and...""Mike? Oh, so you're on a first name basis now. I guess I'm not surprised! That privelage probably comes easy when you're getting fucked by him!""Jack, why are you mad? You don't think this is hard enough for me already? I haven't even told my parents yet! No one knows!""Listen Will, I need to get out of here. I can't deal with this right now. It's fucking weird man.""Okay." And with that, he stormed out of the room. With tears in my eyes, I turned to the computer. I quickly closed the video, and deleted the e-mail. I wanted to get rid of any trace of Mr. Smith. I certainly didn't want any one else finding out this way... I went to close the web browser too, but I was surprised to see that it wasn't the same video I had before, not even the same website. It looked like Jack had navigated a bit by himself, and on gay porn sites... I quickly deleted my history and closed my computer, not even thinking of it.The next day, I woke up to see that Jack was still gone. He hadn't returned since our rift last night, and I was eager to talk to him about it. I went over to the dining hall for breakfast. I spotted Jack across the room, and ran to approach him, but he turned away."Will?" I turned around. It was Maggie. "Will, what's up? Do you want to sit with me?" Poor girl had been trying to get with me since the beginning of this year."Sorry Mags, I gotta go." I quickly ran out of the caf, but Jack was already gone. He was gone throughout most of the day. Every time I saw him in the halls he would duck away or find some kind of distraction. I decided I would track him down at football practice later today. He couln't dodge me then.I anxiously stared at the clock, waiting for my last class to end. It was almost 4, and the boys would be changing right now for practice. As soon as we were dismissed, I ran down to the athletic complex to the boy's locker room. Conviniently, I found Jack talking to Greg, the quarterback."Alright, see you out there," Greg said, turning to leave. Jack spotted me immediatly after that. I saw him wiggle in his seat."What do you want Will," he asked me."I just want to talk...""Fine, but make it quick." I walked over and sat beside him. I accidentely grazed his thigh and I saw him jump. I first saw this as some sort of homophobic gesture, but then I spotted a small bulge growing in his tight shorts. I quickly tore my eyes away and looked at him."Jack, I still want to be friends. I don't want this to change anything. Why is this so weird for you?""I don't know... I just...""You what?""Nevermind...""Well, Jack I really value our friendship and I don't want-" I saw a strange expression in his eyes. He looked at me in a sort of longing way. "-I don't want to stop being friends.""I know. I guess I could get over it....""I hope you will. Just help me get thr-" That's when in happened. I jumped as Jack grabbed my head and pulled me in for a deep kiss. Our tongues played as my eyes drifted closed. I couldn't believe it! I was kissing my best friend, and I kind of liked it! He pulled away."Sorry." He said, wiping his mouth."No, don't be. That felt... good.""I know. You're not the only one who had been curious for a while. I've been feeling weird around you for a while, I just could never find the right time...""Shhh. Just shut up for a second." I interupted, as I pulled him in for another kiss."Mmm." he said,熟妇高潮喷沈阳45熟妇高潮喷 kissing me deeply. "This feels so right, Will.""Take off your shirt." I said, smiling at him. He lifted his t-shirt over his head. I bit my lip staring at his six-pack abs. I kissed him again, and then gave him some short pecks on his next. I kissed his stomach and then slowly kissed my way down to his crotch area. I smelled his aroma, and then proceded to grab at the waistline of his shorts, pulling them down."Woah, you're aggresive," he said, practically jumping. I looked up at him as I pulled his cock out of his shorts. I was enthralled by its size. It had to have been at lease 7 inches, soft. I started to rub it, and it got hard pretty fast. It was about 9 inches hard, much bigger than Mike's dick. I immediatly leaned in and began to lick his dick. I gave it a long taste, from the base to the tip, and looked up at him. He inhaled deeply."What are you gonna do?" He asked me. I grinned mischeviously, and then took his cock in my mouth. It took me a while to get it all the way in. It was larger than what I had experianced before. Slowly,I began to deepthroat it. Jack inhaled deeply again, before letting a small moan escape his lips. He then grabbed my hair with his fists and began to take control. I was bobbing up and down, quikly now, with Jack's hands guiding me. He let out a loud moan, clearly pleased with the oral pleasure I was providing. Then he stood up, still holding my hair and began full on face fucking me, shoving his dick into my mouth."Oh, you like that don't you Will. You like my big cock in your mouth." He said, panting."Oh yes Jack, fuck my dirty little mouth.""Oh shit... FUCK this feels good!" I continued to swallow his meat. "Fuck Will, I'm gonna cum. Oh, I'm gonna cum in your mouth Will!" With that, I felt a stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed it, the warm taste of it pleasuring me. He released around 5 or 6 more before letting up, and his dick slid out of my mouth. He pulled up his pants, and I swallowed what remained of his cum."Was that nice?" I asked."Oh, yes. Sorry about the swearing. I tend to get a bit hardcore when I do that.""So you've had it done to you before?""By girls, yes. Never by a guy. Suprisingly it actually felt better when you did it.""Well then, I should probably get going.""But wait," he said. "We haven't taken care of you yet," he said, genturing to my large tent in my pants."Oh, that's okay I'll take care of it.""No, let me." Jack walked over and pulled down my pants. I shuddered at the sudden cold air. "Bend over," he said. I immediatly did as I was told. My first instinct was that he was going to fuck me, but e did something different. Instead, he began to lick at my asshole. I shuddered at the anal pleasure. This was clearly one of my weak spots. He prodded my hole with hsi tongue, and I immediatly began to wank off while he was doing this. Then, I felt him insert his tongue into my asshole. I moaned at this, and started to jack myself off faster. Then, I felt his warm hands reach around me and take control. He grabbed my dick and started to wack my off while probing me with his tongue. After a few short minutes, I moaned loudly. "Oh, Jack! I'm gonna cum!" I yelled, feeling my climax approaching."Hold on!" He yelled, and he quickly came over in front of me and lay down. "Do it on my chest." I did as I was told and proceded to milk myself of my sweet white nector. I moaned as 7 shots of cum landed on Jack's muscular chest. "Now lick it off." I bent over, and licked my cum off of Jack's chest. I grabbed the last dollop with my finger and offered it to Jack. He accepted, and swallowed my cum. He moaned at the taste, clearly enjoying it. I kissed him, and then got up to put on my clothes. He did the same."I feel guilty, Jack.""Why? That was great!""I know, but I am in a relationship with Mike.""Well, he doesn't have to know. I'll see you tonight?""Definately." He leaned in for one more kiss and pushed me up against a locker to trap me in a deep make-out session. He then backed up, smiled, and left the room. I gathered myself together, and did the same.To be continued... Let me know what you want to happen next in the comments! I'll do my best to accomodate suggestions!


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